Sunday, April 22, 2018

Finding My Voice

A year ago this week, I was feeling wildly alone.

I was fresh out of a break up and preparing to share my story via spoken word in front of friends who, despite knowing me for years, had likely never heard or imagined some of the darkest stories I kept hidden in my heart.

A year before, I’d written my story for the world to read, and yet, sharing my heart with my closest friends left me feeling exposed and vulnerable.

In the days leading up to the event where I would be sharing, Satan had a grip on my heart that still feels tangible. I’ll never forget the way God whispered over my heart that freedom was on the other side of the fear I was facing. As I prayed God’s promises in scripture back to Him, I literally wrote verses across my hands as tangible reminders of His plans.

The way God moved through that night was beyond my wildest imagination. A year later, I’m still in awe at what God does through just an ounce of faithfulness. As I’m reflecting 365 days later, I’m reminded of these simple, yet profound truths…

Fear is a thief and a liar.

The brokenness of our lives is fertile soil for God's very best work.

The power of “me too” is the best gift we can offer to the world by telling the truth even when our voices shake.

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  1. glad I came across this testimony here, on Huffington Post and in your spoken word video. So glad fear didn't win and you gave your story over to the Lord to use for healing and helping others. Others like me. I know one day I'll share my story as well. Thank you again. Oh and what I know about you is that you introduced me to #IfGathering2017. It was well done. I remember how you supported me in prayer and kind words as I moved forward with hosting the IFTables and then the Gathering. Thank you for that. You just never know the impact you can have on someone else. Much like that man who looked you in the eyes declaring the truth- that what was done was NOT your fault. As a mother now, I think about my own youth and even though many times I question my own motives, my responses, my part (they say to take ownership right?)- always ALWAYS the adult should know better. Act better. Hold the standard. Show the standard. He did not. He was wrong. I am so very sorry this happened to you. Or to anyone. I know our Father in heaven's will will ultimately be done in all things. I know that He sees us and is with us in our pain and confusion and grief. He loves us with a pure love and is reteaching us broken people what that looks and feels like. I am so thankful. I also know God is just. And then... I am grateful that I am still here. I know He is still at work and He has invited us to join Him in it. (I love me some Experiencing God! 😉)