About Me

Hey y'all.

I'm Hannah and I am so happy that you're here.

I am a southern-speaking, Jesus-lovin', coffee consumer who writes about life, whether pretty or messy (though we usually lean to the messy over here).

I am the daughter of two amazing, brave, church planting, Jesus followers, the sister of an amazing worship pastor, and a lover of Jesus.

Let me tell you a few things about myself before we get going. 

I am a southern gal through and through. Growing up in the South taught me a love for sweet tea, pearls, cooking, and front porch conversations on warm summer days. It taught me to slow down, speak up, and hug often.  It reminded me that a woman should always preserve her class and ought to keep her head, heels and standards high. The south taught me that a good boy will always hold a door and give up his seat. It reminded me that anything valuable, whether relationship or material items, takes hard work.

I'm also a Jesus girl. Growing up in the church, I have learned grace, hospitality, faith, authenticity, honesty, kindness joy and love. In my house, we do loud, messy prayers, second chances, family dinners, singing and dancing and bear hugs. 

It is here in these places that I have learned nearly every important lesson in my life. And it is here, on this blog, that I seek to share a few.

If I could, I'd pour a glass of sweet tea and invite you over to swing on the porch and chat about life.

 This blog was started to make space for talking about life- space for doubts and fears, dreams and celebrations.It has shared many of mine through the years and I pray it's a space to hold yours as well.

This is a place for the wondering and the wandering.

A gathering for the dreamer and the questioner, the hurt and scarred, and the joyful and brave.

I'm so glad you found your way here, friend.

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  1. You sound just like a sister in Christ... Happy to meet you!